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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the narrator finally realize that his musical instrument is an accordion?
(a) He hears a voice tell him the name.
(b) He wipes the dust off the lettering on the instrument.
(c) He remembers his mother saying so.
(d) The Colonel unwillingly tells him.

2. What does the Caretaker of the Power Station make for his guests in Chapter 28?
(a) Tea.
(b) Cake.
(c) Soup.
(d) Coffee.

3. What is the first thing the narrator mentions when telling his shadow about his doubts?
(a) He likes it that the Townspeople have no worries.
(b) He's become attached to the Librarian.
(c) He likes watching the beasts.
(d) He doesn't know if his former life is worth returning to.

4. What does the narrator say the Librarian can never do since she has no mind?
(a) She can never miss him.
(b) She can never love him.
(c) She can never need him.
(d) She can never remember him.

5. Where does the shadow tell the narrator they're going?
(a) To the Woods.
(b) To the Watchtower.
(c) To the Pool.
(d) To the barracks.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Librarian compare looking for her mind to?

2. What does the shadow guess is the reason the narrator doesn't want to leave?

3. Who does the narrator tell his shadow the Wall is really there to hold in?

4. What does the narrator buy while in the park?

5. Why don't the Librarian and the narrator talk on the way to the Power Station?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain the beasts' feeding habits as observed in Chapter 26.

2. Describe how the narrator's shadow is living at the beginning of Chapter 32.

3. Explain the significance of the song "Danny Boy" for the narrator's life.

4. Describe the scene when the narrator first enters the laundromat.

5. What does the narrator tell the librarian about why he got divorced?

6. Describe the Town's power source.

7. Which situation does the narrator define as "despair" in Chapter 33?

8. Explain what the Professor says is a way out of the situation the narrator finds himself in in Chapter 27 and why it would work.

9. Given what the narrator tells his shadow about why he plans to stay, what do you think he plans to do with his time in the Town?

10. What does the narrator say in Chapter 37 about "...tuning in on the particulars of the world" and why is that important?

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