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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Librarian ask the Caretaker in the Power Station chapter?
(a) Whether he gets along with the Gatekeeper.
(b) Whether he misses going into the Town.
(c) Whether he gets along with the others.
(d) Whether he's seen an older woman around the Power Station.

2. Where does the narrator say he and the girl got on the subway when asked by the subway attendant?
(a) Aoyama Itchome.
(b) Shibuya.
(c) Ginza.
(d) Shinjuku.

3. What effect does the whiskey have on the narrator in Chapter 27?
(a) It makes him cry.
(b) It doesn't register.
(c) It makes him woozy.
(d) It makes him laugh.

4. What song does the narrator begin to whistle in the sewer side vent?
(a) Blowin' in the Wind.
(b) I Go to Pieces.
(c) All Along the Watchtower.
(d) Purple Rain.

5. What has happened to the hole the men dug outside the narrator's window?
(a) It is full of beasts.
(b) It has been filled back in.
(c) It has disappeared.
(d) It has filled with snow.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator compare his memory of visiting the Power Station to?

2. What does the narrator's shadow suggest the two do so they don't get separated?

3. What bodily function does the narrator find himself pondering in the escape route from the underground?

4. Which author does the narrator NOT say he likes to read at dinner?

5. What does the narrator immediately notice when he returns to his apartment?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the narrator whistling "I Go to Pieces" in Chapter 29 relate to the overall storyline?

2. Why does the narrator say looking for the Librarian's mind is not like looking for raindrops?

3. Explain the importance of belief as described in Chapter 34.

4. Explain the parallels between the video game the narrator plays at the beginning of Chapter 35 and his life.

5. How does the narrator react to the musical instruments in Chapter 28?

6. What does the chubby girl plan to do once the narrator loses consciousness, and why?

7. How does the narrator explain his decision in Chapter 40?

8. Given what the narrator tells his shadow about why he plans to stay, what do you think he plans to do with his time in the Town?

9. Explain what the Colonel tells the narrator about the digging of the hole in Chapter 30.

10. What does the narrator do after arriving in his apartment in Chapter 31?

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