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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator's shadow suggest the two do so they don't get separated?
(a) Trade hats.
(b) Tie their belts together.
(c) Hold hands.
(d) Join back together.

2. What does the narrator buy while waiting for the clothes to dry?
(a) Four gateaux.
(b) Four videos.
(c) Four beers.
(d) Four cassettes.

3. What does the Professor use the paperclips for?
(a) To leave a trail.
(b) To keep away the INKlings.
(c) To occupy his hands.
(d) To keep his aura magnetized.

4. What has happened to the hole the men dug outside the narrator's window?
(a) It is full of beasts.
(b) It has been filled back in.
(c) It has disappeared.
(d) It has filled with snow.

5. What effect does the whiskey have on the narrator in Chapter 27?
(a) It makes him laugh.
(b) It makes him cry.
(c) It makes him woozy.
(d) It doesn't register.

6. What happens to the skulls when the narrator begins to play the music?
(a) They start to shake.
(b) They catch on fire.
(c) They resonate music.
(d) They light up.

7. What happens to the narrator when he is finished playing the music?
(a) He starts to cry.
(b) His vision heals.
(c) His heart starts to ache.
(d) He realizes he has to leave the Town.

8. Which of the following do the narrator and the librarian NOT have as dessert at the restaurant?
(a) Tiramisu.
(b) Grape ice.
(c) Espresso.
(d) Lemon soufflé.

9. How long does the narrator say it will take him to read out the Librarian's mind?
(a) All winter.
(b) All year.
(c) All week.
(d) All night.

10. What does the narrator tell the librarian about himself when she says she wants to know more about him?
(a) He was born by the sea.
(b) He likes to collect things.
(c) He was a soldier.
(d) He likes the rainfall.

11. How does the Colonel say the Town feels about the passing of a shadow?
(a) It is a solemn event.
(b) They don't talk about it.
(c) It is wonderful to be freed of the weight.
(d) They are relieved that the shadow is finally gone.

12. What does the narrator eat with his beer at the beer hall after buying his new clothes?
(a) Oysters.
(b) Chips.
(c) A burger.
(d) A pretzel.

13. How many people are at the laundromat when the narrator arrives?
(a) Three.
(b) Five.
(c) Four.
(d) Two.

14. What does the narrator buy while in the park?
(a) Popcorn.
(b) Beer.
(c) A balloon.
(d) A cigar.

15. What does the narrator think people want to extend to everything?
(a) Serenity.
(b) Happiness.
(c) Innocence.
(d) Fairness.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the Librarian say the Dreamreader can't free her mind?

2. Why does the shadow say the narrator can't take the Librarian to the Woods?

3. What one thing does the chubby girl say to the narrator that eases his mind as they are swimming to the exit of the underground?

4. What does the narrator say was his "training" for tuning in on a better life?

5. What does the Librarian compare the warmth of the narrator's hand to?

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