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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator suggest be built for the beasts?
(a) A barn.
(b) A roofed enclosure.
(c) A larger feeding trough.
(d) An outlet to the River.

2. What does the narrator notice about the girl in the car in front of them while on their way back to the Professor's lab?
(a) Her earrings.
(b) Her bracelets.
(c) Her shoes.
(d) Her shirt.

3. Where does the narrator fall asleep at the end of Chapter 14?
(a) In the Woods.
(b) At the Gate.
(c) In the Library.
(d) Near the Pool.

4. What kind of tree did the girl see outside her window while in the hospital?
(a) An olive tree.
(b) A camphor tree.
(c) A cypress tree.
(d) An ash tree.

5. How does the Professor explain the narrator's memory of the dam and the king's coronation?
(a) It was an artificial memory the narrator made up.
(b) It was the shadow of a memory from before the shuffle.
(c) It was an artificial memory the Professor made up.
(d) It was a real memory coming back from his core consciousness.

6. What color is the smoke that can be seen every day in the Town?
(a) Brown.
(b) Gray.
(c) White.
(d) Yellow.

7. What do Junior and Big Boy drink while visiting the narrator?
(a) Lemonade.
(b) Vodka.
(c) Whiskey.
(d) Coke.

8. How does the narrator pass the sunny days?
(a) Playing chess with the Colonel.
(b) Talking walks in the Woods.
(c) Face down in bed.
(d) Reading in the Library.

9. When the chubby girl and the narrator reach the lab, what does the chubby girl realize?
(a) The lab wasn't broken into.
(b) It was the Factory that broken in to.
(c) It was the System that broken in to.
(d) The INKlings took everything.

10. What does the Professor say will happen in regards to the narrator's three cognitive circuits?
(a) The circuits have arranged themselves in a never-ending loop.
(b) The narrator will end up stuck in circuit three with no hope of return.
(c) The program the Professor wrote will kill the second circuit.
(d) The first two circuits are going to burn out.

11. What does the librarian ask for in return for a favor at the library in Chapter 7?
(a) Chinese take-out.
(b) Money.
(c) Ice cream.
(d) A kiss.

12. What does the Gatekeeper say the narrator will see if he climbs the Watchtower?
(a) His shadow.
(b) A big surprise.
(c) The layout of the Town.
(d) A winter treat.

13. What was supposed to happen on the 2nd at noon?
(a) The world was supposed to end.
(b) The program was supposed to detonate.
(c) The program was supposed to be cancelled.
(d) The data was supposed to reshuffle itself.

14. What do the scientists compare the mind to in explaining the use of his consciousness to the narrator in Chapter 11?
(a) A peach.
(b) A lemon.
(c) A watermelon.
(d) An apple.

15. What does the Gatekeeper tell the narrator about the Power Station?
(a) The Power Station no longer works.
(b) The Caretaker of the Power Station won't see Townspeople.
(c) The Power Station is extremely dangerous.
(d) He might find a musical instrument there.

Short Answer Questions

1. What group does the narrator belong to in Chapter 3?

2. What does the Gatekeeper say about the stash of old clothes?

3. What is the first thing the Professor asks for on seeing his granddaughter and the narrator at the beginning of Chapter 25?

4. Why does the Colonel say the narrator's love for the Librarian may not be prudent?

5. What kind of watch is Junior wearing?

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