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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the chubby girl and the narrator reach the lab, what does the chubby girl realize?
(a) It was the Factory that broken in to.
(b) The INKlings took everything.
(c) The lab wasn't broken into.
(d) It was the System that broken in to.

2. What do Junior and Big Boy drink while visiting the narrator?
(a) Whiskey.
(b) Vodka.
(c) Lemonade.
(d) Coke.

3. What is the second book the narrator reads towards the end of Chapter 15?
(a) Spring Torrents.
(b) Rudin.
(c) Spartacus.
(d) The Red and the Black.

4. What is the first thing the Professor asks for on seeing his granddaughter and the narrator at the beginning of Chapter 25?
(a) Food.
(b) A telephone.
(c) An INKling repellant device.
(d) Something to drink.

5. How does the Librarian feel about the Pool?
(a) She is afraid of it.
(b) She enjoys its calmness.
(c) It reminds her of better days.
(d) It reminds her of painful memories.

6. In what way does the Professor say the mind is like Alice in Wonderland?
(a) You can only get in by going through a narrow hole.
(b) You need a special drug to get you in.
(c) Everything is topsy-turvy.
(d) You never know who you're going to meet.

7. What does the Professor say will happen in regards to the narrator's three cognitive circuits?
(a) The circuits have arranged themselves in a never-ending loop.
(b) The narrator will end up stuck in circuit three with no hope of return.
(c) The program the Professor wrote will kill the second circuit.
(d) The first two circuits are going to burn out.

8. What does the narrator tell the librarian to comfort her at the end of Chapter 18?
(a) She is the best friend he's got.
(b) Nothing is her fault.
(c) Her mother must have missed her.
(d) She is not alone.

9. What was supposed to happen on the 2nd at noon?
(a) The world was supposed to end.
(b) The program was supposed to be cancelled.
(c) The data was supposed to reshuffle itself.
(d) The program was supposed to detonate.

10. What do the girl and the narrator appear to be walking on after the rock slab?
(a) A minefield.
(b) A bridge.
(c) A honeycomb.
(d) A train track.

11. Where does the narrator put the skull he's received from the old man?
(a) On top of the TV.
(b) In the closet.
(c) On the sideboard.
(d) Above the fireplace.

12. What does the Professor say he did to the core consciousness of his test subjects?
(a) He exchanged them with new information.
(b) He shuffled them.
(c) He made them into visualized stories.
(d) He deleted them.

13. What does the narrator use to call up the End of the World?
(a) A spoken-word pattern.
(b) A program-reversal pattern.
(c) A sound-cue pattern.
(d) An eye-shifting pattern.

14. What does the narrator first encounter on his map-making investigations?
(a) Old army barracks.
(b) The Western Woods.
(c) A crack in the wall.
(d) An abandoned mill.

15. What does the woman ask the narrator to put on at the beginning of Chapter 3?
(a) A gas mask.
(b) A rubber suit and goggles.
(c) A pair of sunglasses.
(d) A tie.

Short Answer Questions

1. What topic of conversation makes the narrator uncomfortable in Chapter 5?

2. What does the librarian ask for in return for a favor at the library in Chapter 7?

3. Where does the woman tell the narrator that he'll find her grandfather's lab?

4. What kind of watch is Junior wearing?

5. What does the narrator suggest be built for the beasts?

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