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Michael Malone
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What vehicle do Raleigh and his companions drive to Atlanta?
(a) A pickup truck.
(b) A van.
(c) A semi truck.
(d) A Cadillac.

2. Who plays trumpet in the jazz combo formed in Part 3, Chapter 33?
(a) Mingo.
(b) Earley.
(c) Raleigh.
(d) Billie.

3. Who has fallen and has to be pulled back up the mountain in Part 3, Chapter 29?
(a) Gates.
(b) Mingo.
(c) Raleigh.
(d) Weeper.

4. Where does Earley take the friends when they arrive in Part 3, Chapter 31?
(a) To a fancy restaurant.
(b) To Bourbon Street.
(c) To a jazz club.
(d) To a truck stop, for showers.

5. According to Earley in Part 3, Chapter 32, what is the importance of his old trumpet?
(a) It has money hidden in it.
(b) He wants to teach Raleigh to play it.
(c) He plans to play it in a jazz club.
(d) He plans to pawn it for cash.

6. What noise is coming from the rental unit when Raleigh and Mingo first arrive?
(a) Loud jazz music.
(b) Heavy metal music.
(c) Gunfire.
(d) Agonizing groans.

7. Who sings in the jazz combo formed in Part 3, Chapter 33?
(a) Mingo.
(b) Billie.
(c) Raleigh.
(d) Earley.

8. What does Raleigh learn is the name of the young woman that Earley took with him when he left the hospital?
(a) Roxanne.
(b) Pearlie.
(c) Lovie.
(d) Billie.

9. What is discovered when digging up the hidden treasure?
(a) The money is Confederate bills; worthless today.
(b) It is silver, not gold, that has been buried.
(c) Only one gold coin remains.
(d) Only one gold bar remains.

10. Where is Mingo to meet Gates and Raleigh after their late night boat trip?
(a) Atlanta.
(b) Kune Beach.
(c) Charlotte.
(d) Myrtle Beach.

11. Who helps to revive the stalled bus that Raleigh and his friends find on their way to Atlanta?
(a) Weeper.
(b) Mingo.
(c) Gates.
(d) Toutant.

12. In Part 2, Chapter 22, who pretends to be a movie producer?
(a) Mingo.
(b) Weeper.
(c) Raleigh.
(d) Gates.

13. Where do Raleigh, Gates, Weeper and Mingo go when they leave the estate?
(a) Charlotte.
(b) Boston.
(c) Charleston.
(d) Kingston.

14. In Part 3, Chapter 29, where does the stolen van get stuck?
(a) On amusement park train tracks.
(b) On top of the moutain.
(c) On top of a geyser.
(d) Downtown in an intersection.

15. Who plays piano in the jazz combo formed in Part 3, Chapter 33?
(a) Mingo.
(b) Toutant.
(c) Earley.
(d) Raleigh.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who dies on stage in Part 3, Chapter 33?

2. How old is Gates when his mother divorces Raleigh's father?

3. Where do Calhoun and Gates decide to hold their duel?

4. Who are the two new passengers who tag along with Raleigh, Gates and Mingo as they leave for Atlanta?

5. By the end of Part 3, Chapter 30, what is beginning to form among the traveling friends?

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