Daily Lessons for Teaching Handling Sin

Michael Malone
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Lesson 1

Objective: Part 1, The Call: Chapter 1, In Which the Hero Is Introduced and Receives a Blow Handling Sin sounds like a serious topic, but this novel written by Michael Malone is actually quite the comedy. The hero, Raleigh, is sent out on a scavenger hunt by his dying father, which leads to a series of adventures. It is said that many times, an author draws from his own experiences when writing fiction. In order to determine whether or not this is the case with Handling Sin, students must know more about the author. As students begin their study of Handling Sin, they will focus today on learning more about the author.

1) Small Groups: Assign groups to research these topics: the author's childhood, education, writings, occupations, family, and prizes and awards. Have each group compile their information into a handout for everyone to use as reference as they share...

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