Handling Sin Fun Activities

Michael Malone
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Create a blog about your studies of this book and the author.

Heart disease poster

Earley is being treated for heart disease. Learn more about this serious health condition and prepare a poster to share valuable information with classmates.

Board game

Make a board game based on the adventure outlined in the novel.


Write an obituary for Earley to appear in the Thermopylae's newspaper.

Library busts

Visit your nearest library and make note of any busts or statues preserved there. Note who each one commemorates and why they are remembered. Make a poster to show your research.

A character monologue

Create a 3- to 5-minute monologue for one of the characters and present it in class.

Scrapbook it

Design a scrapbook page to preserve the memories of Raleigh's scavenger hunt for him.

Poster: author's life

Make a time line of the author's life. Add graphics and...

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