Handling Sin Character Descriptions

Michael Malone
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Raleigh Whittier Hayes

This character learns to take chances, a big change from his restrained, responsible behavior.

Mingo Sheffield

This obese character is a paranoid coward.

Vera Sheffield

This character gets her mouth wired shut.

Earley Hayes

This character gets out of the hospital and buys a new Cadillac.

Aura Hayes

This secondary character gets involved in politics during the story.

Victoria Anna Hayes

This character meets a long, lost grandchild.

Jubal Rogers

This character is an excellent clarinet player and meets a long, lost grandchild.

Gates Hayes

This reckless character gains a lot of responsibility by the end of his journey.

Flonnie Rogers

This character is the parent of the jazz clarinet player.

Bonnie Ellen

This is the main character's secretary.

Jimmy Clay

This character gets his Cadillac stolen.

Bill Jenkins (Kaiser Bill)

This character is a janitor.

Pierce Jimson

This character sells land where treasure is...

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