Handling Sin Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Michael Malone
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Chapter Abstracts

* Part 1, The Call: Chapter 1, In Which the Hero Is Introduced and Receives a Blow

* Raleigh and Mingo are having lunch at the Lotus House.

* Raleigh's fortune cookie message says he will fall to pieces by the end of the month.

* Mingo's fortune cookies message says that his wife is having an affair with his best friend.

* Neither man takes the cookie prediction seriously. Someone has replaced the mundane messages with negative ones.

* Raleigh lives and works in Thermopylae.

* Raleigh is an insurance salesman with an office on the twelfth floor of the Forbes Building.

* Raleigh's secretary is Bonnie Ellen.

* Mingo works at the Knox-Bury clothing store.

* Mingo and his wife, Vera, have weight issues. Mingo is obese while Vera is voluptuous, but only after having her mouth wired shut to help her lose weight...

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