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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On his way to see his mother in Act 3, Scene 3, Hamlet finds Claudius. What does Hamlet decide not to do in that scene?
(a) Avoid him.
(b) Trick him into admitting his guilt.
(c) Argue with him.
(d) Kill him.

2. Before he has seen the ghost, how does Hamlet describe his parents' marriage?
(a) His father hated his mother.
(b) His mother was devoted to his father.
(c) His parents barely spoke to each other.
(d) His mother hated his father.

3. What does Ophelia tell Laertes about his advice on her love life?
(a) Your advice is very wise.
(b) Stop telling me what to do.
(c) Make sure you follow your own advice.
(d) You give bad advice.

4. What time of day is it when the play starts?
(a) Late at night.
(b) Noon.
(c) After dinner.
(d) Morning.

5. What is the public explanation of the last king's death?
(a) He died in his sleep.
(b) He was stung by a serpent.
(c) He was stabbed.
(d) He had a heart attack.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which two characters is Laertes related to?

2. Polonius asks Claudius to arrange for Hamlet to go somewhere after the play's performance. Where is Hamlet supposed to go?

3. After telling Ophelia to get to a nunnery, what does Hamlet say about marriage?

4. After the ambassadors have left, what piece of writing does Polonius share with Claudius and Gertrude?

5. What other "crime" has been committed against the last king?

Short Essay Questions

1. After the play-within-a-play, where is Hamlet asked to go? Who asks him to go there?

2. Why does Claudius claim he cannot seek forgiveness for his crimes?

3. When Hamlet first sees the ghost, he tries to talk to it. How does the ghost respond?

4. Who does the ghost tell Hamlet NOT to seek revenge on?

5. Once alone after the play-within-a-play, Claudius bemoans his crimes and falls to his knees in prayer. But at the end of the scene, what does he say about his praying?

6. After Laertes leaves in Act 1, Scene 3, Polonius and Ophelia have a private talk. What specific instruction or order does Polonius give Ophelia?

7. Why does Hamlet not kill Claudius when he finds Claudius alone in Act 3?

8. As they watch for the ghost in Act 1, Scene 4, Hamlet and his companions hear a noise offstage. What noise do they hear and how does Hamlet explain it?

9. In Act 2, Scene 1, how does Ophelia describe Hamlet's appearance?

10. After talking to the ghost at the end of Act 1, what does Hamlet decide to do about his father's death?

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