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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Hamlet manage to avoid his fate in England?
(a) He killed Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.
(b) He made friends with the English queen.
(c) He got onto another ship.
(d) He bribed Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.

2. At the start of Act 4, Scene 4, the audience finally sees a character that has been talked about since the start of the play. Who is this character?
(a) Captain.
(b) Bernardo.
(c) Laertes.
(d) Fortinbras.

3. What does Claudius say about Laertes and Ophelia's death?
(a) He thinks Laertes is responsible for Ophelia's death.
(b) He is afraid Laertes may kill himself because of Ophelia's death.
(c) He knew about Ophelia's death, but did not want to tell Laertes.
(d) He is worried Ophelia's death will enrage Laertes.

4. How does Laertes die?
(a) Hamlet kills him with a poisoned sword.
(b) He drinks poisoned wine meant for Hamlet.
(c) He kills himself.
(d) He is forced to drink poisoned wine and is stabbed with a poisoned sword.

5. What happens between Laertes and Hamlet in the graveyard scene?
(a) They both jump into Ophelia's grave and get in a fight.
(b) They shake hands over Ophelia's grave.
(c) Laertes tries to kill Hamlet.
(d) Laertes blames Hamlet for his sister's death.

6. What are the Norwegian soldiers fighting over?
(a) An insult.
(b) A little piece of worthless land.
(c) A king's assassination.
(d) A country.

7. When Hamlet leaves his mother's room in Act 3, Scene 4, what does he take with him?
(a) The dead body of Polonius.
(b) A portrait of his mother.
(c) The dead body of Claudius.
(d) A portrait of his dead father.

8. What message is the Norwegian Captain supposed to deliver to Claudius in Act 4, Scene 4?
(a) The armies of Norway want passage through Denmark.
(b) The armies of Norway have defeated the Poles.
(c) The armies of Norway will attack at dawn.
(d) The armies of Denmark must surrender their weapons.

9. When Claudius finds out Hamlet has killed someone, what is he most worried about?
(a) Whether Hamlet should stand trial.
(b) Whether the murder will affect his power and ability to rule.
(c) Whether a doctor can help Hamlet get better.
(d) Whether Hamlet will try to kill.

10. Who are the Norwegian soldiers attacking?
(a) England.
(b) Denmark.
(c) Sweden.
(d) Poland.

11. When Hamlet visits his mother in her room in Act 3, Scene 4, he speaks very harshly to his mother. What makes him stop?
(a) Getrude kills herself.
(b) Ophelia enters the room.
(c) Claudius enters the room.
(d) The ghost appears.

12. Some sailors arrive at Elsinore from a pirate ship in Act 4, Scene 6. Who do they deliver a letter to?
(a) Laertes.
(b) Hamlet.
(c) Horatio.
(d) Gertrude.

13. What is Hamlet's response when Claudius demands to know where the body of Hamlet's murdered victim is?
(a) The victim is not really dead and is eating supper in the castle.
(b) The victim is eating supper in Heaven.
(c) The worms are eating the victim for supper.
(d) The victim is eating supper in Hell.

14. Watching the troops attacking, Hamlet decides that he is less of a man than their leader. Why does he say that?
(a) Hamlet has only killed one man and the leader has killed many.
(b) The leader is a common man, while Hamlet is a prince.
(c) He has a better reason to fight than the leader, but he does not fight.
(d) Hamlet was never in the army, unlike the troops' leader.

15. While explaining Hamlet's crime to his courtiers, why does Claudius say he has to be gentle with Hamlet?
(a) Gertrude will be upset if they are hard on him.
(b) He is crazy, but not a bad person.
(c) He is still a prince.
(d) The people of Denmark love him.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Gertrude lays flowers at Ophelia's grave, what does she say?

2. How does Claudius die?

3. When Hamlet first sees Laertes in the graveyard scene, what does Hamlet say about him?

4. What does Ophelia say about violets?

5. After witnessing Hamlet kill someone, Gertrude hurries to find Claudius. Who is he talking to when she comes in?

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