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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the start of Act 4, Scene 4, the audience finally sees a character that has been talked about since the start of the play. Who is this character?
(a) Bernardo.
(b) Captain.
(c) Fortinbras.
(d) Laertes.

2. Where does Claudius want the body of Hamlet's first victim to be taken?
(a) To the police.
(b) To the graveyard.
(c) To the doctor.
(d) To the chapel.

3. When Claudius finds out Hamlet has killed someone, what is he most worried about?
(a) Whether Hamlet will try to kill.
(b) Whether the murder will affect his power and ability to rule.
(c) Whether Hamlet should stand trial.
(d) Whether a doctor can help Hamlet get better.

4. After witnessing Hamlet kill someone, Gertrude hurries to find Claudius. Who is he talking to when she comes in?
(a) Laertes.
(b) The ambassadors to Norway.
(c) Laertes and Ophelia.
(d) Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.

5. How does Hamlet act after he has killed someone?
(a) He does not seem sorry for his crime.
(b) He is frightened that someone will now try to kill him.
(c) He is relieved to have finally done something.
(d) He is sorry for his crime.

6. How does Gertrude die?
(a) She kills herself by drowning.
(b) She drinks poisoned wine meant for Hamlet.
(c) Hamlet kills her with a poisoned sword.
(d) Laertes kills her with a poisoned sword.

7. What does Ophelia she say about the herb rosemary?
(a) Rosemary is her favorite plant.
(b) Rosemary stands for remembrance.
(c) Rosemary stands for thoughts.
(d) The rosemary died when her father died.

8. When Hamlet leaves his mother's room in Act 3, Scene 4, what does he take with him?
(a) The dead body of Claudius.
(b) The dead body of Polonius.
(c) A portrait of his dead father.
(d) A portrait of his mother.

9. Laertes comes up with another idea to make sure his duel with Hamlet will result in Hamlet's death. What is it?
(a) Poison the tip of the sword.
(b) Fix Laertes's sword so it is sharp.
(c) Damage Hamlet's armor so he is vulnerable.
(d) Force Hamlet to drink poison before the fight.

10. Claudius tells Laertes there are two reasons why he has not ordered Hamlet killed. What are those reasons?
(a) Because Hamlet is heir to the throne and Gertrude loves him.
(b) Because Gertrude loves him and Ophelia might kill herself if he is killed.
(c) Because Gertrude loves him and the common people love him.
(d) Because the common people love him and Fortinbras might attack if he is killed.

11. Claudius finally gives Rosencrantz and Guildenstern sealed orders for how to handle Hamlet. What do those orders say?
(a) Hamlet should be locked away forever.
(b) Hamlet should be put on trial for murder.
(c) Hamlet should be put to death.
(d) Hamlet should be exiled from Denmark.

12. After reading the letters brought by the sailors in Act 4, Scene 6, what does Horatio say he wants to do?
(a) Wait until Hamlet arrives in Elsinore.
(b) Tell Claudius about Hamlet.
(c) Tell Gertrude about Hamlet.
(d) Go get Hamlet.

13. At the end of Act 4, Scene 2, what does Hamlet agree to do?
(a) Talk to Gertrude.
(b) See a doctor.
(c) Go see the king.
(d) Go to England.

14. Hamlet finally tells Claudius how to find the body of his first victim: "But indeed, if you find him not within this month, you shall nose him as you go up the stairs into the lobby." How is Hamlet saying that they might find the body?
(a) Wait a month till the ground thaws and the grave will be revealed.
(b) Climb the stairs and you will see the body in the lobby.
(c) The body is waiting on the lobby stairs.
(d) Wait a month and you will smell where it is.

15. As Laertes and Claudius discuss how to kill Hamlet, what news does Gertrude bring?
(a) Ophelia has died by hanging herself.
(b) Ophelia has died by taking poison.
(c) Ophelia has died by drowning.
(d) Ophelia has died by stabbing herself.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Hamlet manage to avoid his fate in England?

2. The sailors from the pirate ships deliver letters to Elsinore. Who are the letters from?

3. When Laertes returns after his father's death, what does he want?

4. At the end of Act 4, Scene 5, what does Claudius offer to do for Laertes?

5. What does Ophelia say about violets?

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