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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3, Scene 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Horatio say the ghost might do to Hamlet?
(a) Curse him.
(b) Kill him.
(c) Bless him.
(d) Drive him crazy.

2. After the ambassadors have left, what piece of writing does Polonius share with Claudius and Gertrude?
(a) Hamlet's plan to kill Claudius.
(b) A treaty between Norway and Poland.
(c) A letter from Hamlet to Fortinbras.
(d) A love letter from Hamlet to Ophelia.

3. During "The Mousetrap," Gertrude says, "The lady protests too much, methinks." What is she talking about?
(a) Gertrude is speaking about her own claims of love for Claudius.
(b) Ophelia swearing her loyalty to Hamlet.
(c) The Player Queen swearing her loyalty to her first husband.
(d) The Player Queen swearing her loyalty to her second husband.

4. Which two characters is Laertes related to?
(a) Gertrude and Ophelia.
(b) Polonius and Ophelia.
(c) Gertrude and Hamlet.
(d) Claudius and Hamlet.

5. When Polonius tries to speak with Hamlet, does Polonius really believe Hamlet is crazy?
(a) Yes, but Polonius thinks it is easily cured.
(b) No, Polonius does not think Hamlet is crazy at all.
(c) Yes, Polonius says Hamlet is totally insane.
(d) Not entirely -- Polonius sees some reason or logic within the craziness.

Short Answer Questions

1. Early in Act 2, Polonius believes he has found the cause of Hamlet's behavior. What is the first thing he does to test his theory?

2. When the ghost first speaks to Hamlet, how does it describe its experience?

3. As Hamlet and the others wait to see the ghost in Act 1, Scene 4, what do they hear in the distance?

4. What does Polonius say is the most important thing for Laertes to remember as he leaves Elsinore?

5. At the beginning of Act 2, what does Polonius ask Reynaldo to find out?

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