Hamlet Character Descriptions

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Attendants - These characters wait on various members of the Danish court and visitors to the court.

Barnardo - This character, who speaks the first words in the play, is one of the guards who has seen the ghost.

Claudius (King Claudius of Denmark) - This character is a relative of the dead king and one of the villains of the play.

Clowns - See Gravediggers.

Cornelius - This character is one of the Danish ambassadors sent to the king of Norway.

Council - This is a governing body present with the king at official meetings.

Doctor of Divinity - This character reluctantly officiates at the funeral and burial of one of the female characters.

English Ambassadors - These characters arrive at the end of the play to report the deaths of two characters in another country.

Fortinbras - This character is the heir to the throne...

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