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The Broussard Farm

Over the years, war and other great tragedies have whittled this once profitable land to, in comparison, a debt ridden patch of grass.


An area defined by its oppressive summer heat, large wraps around porches, cypress trees and hanging moss.

The Boxing Ring

Though this place promises so much for Boudreaux it eventually leads to his downfall and the end of his career.

The Music Industry

This is the place Winfield longs to be and though he initially struggles, his talent eventually over rides his lack of polish and sophistication.


The heart of the country music scene.

Work camp

This is a prison facility used to house prisoners from all over the south.

Barataria, Louisiana

It is a small town in the bayou where people take care of their own and no one likes the law.

Little Rock, Arkansas

One of the cities...

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