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Book 1, Summer's Dust

• Averty Broussard is returning home from working at the oil rigs for the previous six months. His family live on a once successful sugar plantation in Louisiana, but now the business is losing money and faces bankruptcy.

• Avery's father Rafael states his worries about his son's death. Since the death of his first son in Normandy. Rafale has become quite protective over Avery, mostly, with good reason, worrying about his alcohol consumption.
• The money Avery has earned on the oil rigs helps his father pay off the land taxes, but after months of working in the fields six days a week, Rafael dies from a heart attack. Nevertheless, Avery stays on, hoping to finish off what he and his father have started.

• J.P Winfield, a poor hillbilly musician, goes to audition for the Louisiana Jubilee, a talent show that spring him into the bigtime...

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