Half Broke Horses: A True-Life Novel Character Descriptions

Jeannette Walls
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Character Descriptions

Lily Casey Smith - This character, born in 1901, is the main character in the story.

Adam Casey - This character is Lily's father.

Mother Albertina - This character the is the head of the Sisters of Loretto of Our Lady of the Light in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Ted Conover - This character is the man who Lily married in Chicago.

Helen - This character the youngest of the Casey children.

Buster - This character is the middle child and only son in the Casey family.

Dorothy Clemens - This character is the daughter of the tenant farmers on the Casey farm.

Daisy - This character is the mother to Lily, Buster, and Helen. She was married to Adam Casey.

Lupe - This character is a woman who lives on the KC Ranch. She helped the family with running the ranch.

Apache - This character is an...

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