Half Broke Horses: A True-Life Novel Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jeannette Walls
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Part 1

• A flash flood plagues Salt Draw.

• The Casey family ranch is flooded.

• Lily saves her siblings.

• Lily shows her resourcefulness.
• The region is described.

• The farm set up is reviewed.
• Adam needs help from Lily to run the farm although she is a child.

• Adam is obsessed with education and harebrained schemes.
• A tornado damages the house.

• The family decides to go to New Mexico.

Part 2

• The family arrives in Hondo Valley, New Mexico.

• The new ranch is named KC Ranch.

• Buster is sent off to school.

• After a long wait, Lily is sent to school.

• Adam does not want Lily to go because he needs her on the ranch.

• Adam continues to work on his biography of Billy the Kid.

• Lily loves the school and makes friends with Mother Albertina.
• Mother Albertina tells Lily she should become a teacher.

• Adam uses Lily's tuition to buy Great...

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