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Helen Macdonald
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Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 18 after forty minutes, how far were Helen and Christina from Helen's house because of a traffic accident?

2. In Chapter 24, what did Helen decide she was more of than a hawk?

3. In Chapter 21, what did Helen see walkers gathered around as she drove back to the house after a hunt?

4. By the late 1980s, how many California condors remained?

5. In Chapter 20, what did Helen fill the freezer in her new house with?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happened when Helen chased Mabel across a lawn in Chapter 25?

2. Why did Helen put a rabbit out of its misery in Chapter 21?

3. What type of education did White give Wart in his book "The Sword in the Stone"?

4. Why did Helen find it odd that she could hunt?

5. What happened when White left Gos unattended for a moment in Chapter 16?

6. How did Helen feel when she got ready to give the eulogy for her father at the memorial service?

7. Why wasn't Helen depending solely on a bell to track Mabel when she flew free?

8. How did Helen get ready to go to an art gallery in Chapter 19?

9. What was the falconer's trick that was used to stop a hawk from feeling that she had been robbed of her prize?

10. Why did White believe that death waited for Gos when the bird got free?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Mabel began rebelling against the hood. The aim of this less to examine what the hood meant to the hawk, how that meaning changed, and why the hood symbolized something different for the bird as training progressed.

Essay Topic 2

White had mixed feelings about his success in getting Gos to fly in Chapter 15. Why did White had mixed feelings about the event and what in his past contributed to his struggle with success?

Essay Topic 3

White gained fellowship through his falconry. What did the author gain from her falconry and how did it help her with the issues that she was struggling with?

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