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Helen Macdonald
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 14, what types of birds did Mabel seem to look at in a book?
(a) Seabirds.
(b) Thrushes.
(c) Partridges.
(d) Finches.

2. In how many days did the author once fly a Harris hawk free?
(a) 4.
(b) 9.
(c) 8.
(d) 3.

3. In Chapter 13, when did Helen say that her college job would end?
(a) 1 month.
(b) 3 months.
(c) 4 months.
(d) 2 months.

4. In Chapter 14, what did a woman do that made Helen furious?
(a) Approached her when she was training Mabel.
(b) Took down an ad with a skylark on it.
(c) Almost ran Helen over with a bike.
(d) Hit Helen's car.

5. In Chapter 1, when did the author say that she ended up in the Brecklands?
(a) 7 years ago.
(b) 12 months ago.
(c) 8 months ago.
(d) 5 years ago.

Short Answer Questions

1. From what time did the word jess originate?

2. How many books did White have to learn about hawks from, not including the "Encyclopedia Britannica"?

3. What bird did the author hear outside her window at the beginning of Chapter 7?

4. What did the author drive in Chapter 1?

5. In Chapter 9, how many days pass as the author had the hawk almost constantly on her fist?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why was White pleased with himself at the beginning of Chapter 13?

2. Why did the author say that everything about the hawk was turned to hunt and kill?

3. How did the author describe the landscape she loved very much?

4. How did the author describe her hotel room in Chapter 5?

5. What artwork did the author describe in Chapter 6?

6. What was a "tiring"?

7. What terrible sin did White commit when training his bird?

8. What was bating?

9. What journey did White's goshawk take to him?

10. How did Helen feel as she left home at the beginning of Chapter 11?

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