H is for Hawk Short Essay - Answer Key

Helen Macdonald
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1. How did the author describe the landscape she loved very much?

The author described the landscape she loved very much. She said it was located where wet fen gave way to parched sand. It was a land of twisted pine trees, burned-out cars, shot-gun-peppered road signs, and U.S. Air Force bases. There were crumbled houses, spaces for air-delivered nukes, twelve-foot fences, tattoo parlors, and U.S. Air Force golf courses.

2. How are sparrowhawks and goshawks alike and unalike?

Sparrowhaws and goshawks are alike in some ways and unalike in others. They are both grey with a black and white barred front, yellow eyes, and a long tail. However, the sparrowhawk is 12-16 inches long, and the goshawk is 19-24 inches long.

3. In Chapter 2, what did the waiter do when Helen did not eat?

When the author didn't eat, the waiter asked her if something was wrong with the food. When he learned that her father had just died, he brought her a double chocolate brownie with ice cream and a sprig of mint stuck in the top.

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