Daily Lessons for Teaching H is for Hawk

Helen Macdonald
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-2)


On a trip to the Brecklands, the author took a piece of reindeer moss home. The aim of this lesson is to discuss reindeer moss and what it meant to the author.


Class Discussion: What shapes did the author notice when she saw tracts of reindeer moss in the Brecklands? Why was it a patch of the arctic in the wrong place? How did it feel underfoot? How did the author act when she with her father looking for goshawks when she was young? What did he tell her rather than scolding her? How did patience help the author see goshawks in Chapter 1? What was she holding when she got up after seeing the goshawks in Chapters 1? What could the reindeer moss survive? Why did she think that was an appropriate symbol for what she had learned about patience? What would happen to reindeer moss...

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