H is for Hawk Fun Activities

Helen Macdonald
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"The Goshawk" by T. H. White

Read White's book.

Live Cam

View a live cam of a goshawk nest.

Goshawk Nest

Create a model of a goshawk's nest.


Create a glossary of terms related to birds of prey and falconry.

Falconry Equipment

Create a chart showing the equipment used for falconry. Label each piece with a description of its purpose.

Goshawk Sketch

Based upon the description in Chapter 9, draw a sketch of the the author's goshawk, Mabel.

Memorial Service

Create a program for a memorial service for yourself in the future or for someone you know.


Research different types of hawks. Discuss with a group the type of hawk you would like to fly if you were a falconer.


Imagine that you have to decided to become a falconer and get a hawk. Create a budget for the purchase of your bird, supplies, food, etc...

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