H is for Hawk Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Helen Macdonald
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Essay Topic 1

A piece of reindeer moss was important to the author. What did the reindeer moss symbolize for her and why?

Essay Topic 2

The author told about her father's death. How did her father's death affect her and how did it change her life?

Essay Topic 3

The author told about her preference for falcons at one time in her life. Why did the author first fly falcons and why did she later decide to fly a goshawk? What made her change her mind about the goshawk?

Essay Topic 4

The author spent a fair amount of time relating information about T.H. White. Why did the author spend so much time discussing White's life and how did she identify with him?

Essay Topic 5

The author saw the jesses she created as symbols. What did the jesses symbolize to the author and why?

Essay Topic 6

White seemed to empathize...

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