H is for Hawk Character Descriptions

Helen Macdonald
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This person had recently lost her father and decided to train a goshawk.


This person was a photographer and had a very close relationship with his daughter.


This person lost her husband and supported her daughter as they both mourned the loss of their husband/father.


This person was a strong support for her best friend and assisted sometimes with training the hawk.


This person had worked with many hawks, including goshawks, and was able to help the author train her bird.


This person was married to a falconer and helped care for the author when she was injured during a hunt.

Terence Hanbury White

This person was an author and former schoolmaster who wrote a book about training a goshawk in the 1930s.


This was a goshawk trained by the author


This was a goshawk a man attempted to train...

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