H is for Hawk Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Helen Macdonald
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Chapters 1-2

• One of the author’s favorite places was an area known as the Brecklands east of Cambridge.

• It was mostly forest with ruined homes and military bases.

• Seven years ago she took a trip there and ended up looking for goshawks.

• Goshawks looked very similar to the sparrowhawk, but were much larger.

• At one point the goshawk was nearly extinct.

• In the mid-1900s, falconers began importing the birds back into England.

• As the author looked for birds that day in the Brecklands, she remembered looking for birds with her father.

• He had to teach her to be patient and not fidget.

• The author spent several hours in the Brecklands and spotted a pair of goshawks flying.

• She returned home with a piece of reindeer moss, as a reminder of the patience her father taught her.

• The moss was always to endure and eventually recover.

• Three...

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