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Carl Deuker
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mick decides that he has to do what before the game in Part 5, Chapter 13?
(a) Do some weightlifting.
(b) Take a nap.
(c) Go jogging.
(d) Use XTR.

2. Mike explains that his boss doesn't mind him taking off when what happens in Part 5, Chapter 12?
(a) He needs a personal day.
(b) He gets sick.
(c) It snows.
(d) Mick plays.

3. Where does Mick begin to go but then ends up driving around in a depression in Part 5, Chapter 6?
(a) Matt's house.
(b) The prom.
(c) Heather's party.
(d) The library.

4. Carl Deuker was raised where?
(a) Portland, Oregon.
(b) Redwood City, California.
(c) Berkeley, California.
(d) Cody, Wyoming.

5. In Part 5, Chapter 6, Drew tells Mick that he's going to talk to whom?
(a) Coach Rodriguez.
(b) Coach Carlson.
(c) Coach Stimes.
(d) Coach Downs.

6. Mick runs back into the locker room, citing an excuse about what in Part 5, Chapter 7?
(a) His elbow.
(b) His forehead.
(c) His stomach.
(d) His knee.

7. Who pointedly asks Mick if he is using steroids in Part 5, Chapter 4?
(a) Kaylee Sullivan.
(b) Coach Downs.
(c) Coach Stimes.
(d) Coach Carlson.

8. Who does Mick get a call from in Part 4, Chapter 6?
(a) Drew.
(b) Kaylee.
(c) DaShawn.
(d) Matt.

9. Depression hits Mick the day before what in Part 4, Chapter 10?
(a) Christmas.
(b) School stats.
(c) Tryouts.
(d) The super bowl.

10. What does Mick tell Peter he is against in Part 4, Chapter 5?
(a) Narcotics.
(b) Alcohol.
(c) Injections.
(d) Steroids.

11. In Part 5, Chapter 6, Drew tells Mick that the team deserves nothing because of what?
(a) A fumbled ball.
(b) Mick cheated.
(c) An incomplete pass.
(d) The coach's incompetence.

12. Mick tells his parents he is sitting out of the next game for what reason in Part 5, Chapter 10?
(a) A sprained wrist.
(b) An injured ankle.
(c) Bad behavior.
(d) A sore back.

13. Mick forgets what on the field and leaves the locker room to get it in Part 5, Chapter 8?
(a) An elbow brace.
(b) His athletic supporter.
(c) His cleats.
(d) His mouth guard.

14. Why is Mick self conscious about going swimming in Part 4, Chapter 7?
(a) His backstroke.
(b) His hair.
(c) His feet.
(d) His acne.

15. Mick compares himself to what in Part 4, Chapter 12?
(a) Convicts.
(b) Pro football players.
(c) The homeless.
(d) Former drug addicts.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mick's mother tell him after dinner in Part 5, Chapter 5?

2. What does Mick do for hours after leaving the swim party in Part 4, Chapter 7?

3. Coach Carlson's plan in the first game of the season in Part 5, Chapter 1 is what?

4. Who confronts Mick about taking his bag into the bathroom in Part 5, Chapter 13?

5. Peter tells Mick that stack injections are safer than what in Part 4, Chapter 9?

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