Objects & Places from Gym Candy

Carl Deuker
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Shilshole High School

This is the school where Mick, Drew, and DeShawn attend and play football.


This city is the home of Mick Johnson and his family and the general setting of the book.

Popeye's Gym

Through his job, Mike Johnson gets free passes to this establishment where he encourages Mick to keep working out.


These are the first performance-enhancing drugs that Mick uses.

Stack Injections

These are a combination of various performance enhancing drugs taken by needle through the arm.


This is the new drug that Peter Volz tells Mick about.

Needle Kit

Mick keeps this object in his duffel bag and uses it before games while hiding in the bathroom stalls.


When Mick feels threatened that he will be found out by Drew, he uses this object to attempt suicide.


These refer to a source of pride and honor to both...

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