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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following did domestic livestock not provide people?

2. Why were domesticated plants able to spread from the Fertile Crescent to nearby areas more easily?

3. What crop was domesticated in Ethiopia before spreading around the globe?

4. Which Spanish conquistador first encountered the Incas?

5. Germs from what produced epidemics in Native American and Australian societies?

Short Essay Questions

1. How are seeds dispersed?

2. Infectious diseases that become epidemics tend to share what characteristics?

3. What does Diamond argue determined when a group would adopt food production?

4. How did leaders of kleptocracies gain support for their systems?

5. How do historical sciences differ from non-historical sciences?

6. What are some areas where food production didn't develop early on but the environment is ecologically suited to food production?

7. Why are the societies of Asia and the Pacific important according to Diamond?

8. Did hunter-gatherers adopt the crops and agriculture from neighboring groups or did invaders bring with them the knowledge and crops?

9. Why does Diamond believe that China was once more diverse than it is now?

10. Why were Europeans able to conquer Africans according to Diamond?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Why does Diamond use the Polynesian Islands as a test of his theory? What conclusions does Diamond get from his examination of these societies?

Essay Topic 2

What makes some large mammals able to be domesticated and others unable? What large mammals have been domesticated? What advantages do they give to societies?

Essay Topic 3

Why are some native, wild plants domesticated? Trace the development of domesticating plants, including identifying those wild plants that were among the first domesticated plants.

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