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Eight Week Quiz D

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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9 &quot;Zebras, Unhappy Marriages, and <I>Anna Karenina</I>&quot;.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When did the history of humans begin?
(a) 1 million years ago
(b) 2 thousand years ago
(c) 7 million years ago
(d) 15 million years ago

2. What animal helped groups overthrow and conquer other groups?
(a) Yaks
(b) Lions
(c) Horses
(d) Dogs

3. What is true about the greater Polynesian area?
(a) The islands are all large.
(b) The societies are all warrior societies.
(c) The groups had no contact with each other.
(d) It is very diverse.

4. The arrival of humans on many of the continents coincided with what?
(a) The development of stone tools
(b) The development of ocean going crafts
(c) The disappearance of human ancestors
(d) The mass extinction of large mammals

5. What is a factor that influenced a group to adopt agriculture?
(a) The decreased availability of domesticated plants
(b) Agriculture made them more vulnerable to surrounding groups
(c) The decline of wild foods
(d) The decrease in the population

Short Answer Questions

1. The ability of societies to have non-food producing specialists, like soldiers, was due to what?

2. The Giant Leap Forward occurred when?

3. Humans developed on what continent?

4. Why was the first occupation of Australia important?

5. Studies have failed to show differences in what among people on different continents?

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