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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Gulliver is let down onto the continent of what?
(a) Balbubrindi
(b) Balubnibi
(c) Balnibarbi
(d) Balbarbini

2. The king threatens Gulliver with the loss of his life if Gulliver tells anyone else about what?
(a) British parliament houses
(b) rifles
(c) gunpowder
(d) armies

3. Gulliver says that instead of learning about art and history these people learn about what?
(a) medicine
(b) flying
(c) sailing
(d) agriculture

4. How many years ago does the lord explain that people went to visit the flying island and came down with all sorts of ideas?
(a) thirty
(b) sixty
(c) forty
(d) twenty

5. Gulliver makes it clear that he thinks the king is what?
(a) naive
(b) foolhardy
(c) brilliant
(d) crazy

6. Gulliver is put out to see by the Dutchman with how many days of rations?
(a) 6
(b) 4
(c) 2
(d) 8

7. What does the captain tell Gulliver has happened to the items Gulliver asks for?
(a) They were left on the island.
(b) They are locked below decks.
(c) They fell overboard.
(d) They have been destroyed.

8. Gulliver wonders how this king had come to think of _________________ if he did not have any enemies.
(a) booby traps aroung the castle
(b) royal guards
(c) an army
(d) weapons

9. Which of the following is a house of the British parliament, according to Gulliver?
(a) House of Equals
(b) House of Peons
(c) House of Friends
(d) House of Peers

10. Gulliver also likes the idea of taking political foes and exchanging half of each other's what?
(a) bodies
(b) followers
(c) brains
(d) ideas

11. Gulliver finds that it is not a good life because although they never die, what happens?
(a) They get bored.
(b) They get old.
(c) They are unable to see.
(d) They are unable to work.

12. At the port city, Gulliver is directed to go where until he can find passage to the island?
(a) Dribbdubglubb
(b) Dribbledlubb
(c) Glubblydubble
(d) Glubbdubdribb

13. Gulliver feels neglected because everyone on the island is only interested in math and what?
(a) chemistry
(b) music
(c) literature
(d) history

14. Who argues that a senator should have to vote directly contrary to what he says in his speech, because then that will be what is best for the people.
(a) the doctor
(b) Gulliver
(c) the king
(d) the lord

15. Who proposes that health and politics are intimately linked?
(a) Gulliver
(b) the king
(c) a doctor
(d) the queen

Short Answer Questions

1. Gulliver is questioned by guards there and he lies and tells them that he is what, so he can get into Japan?

2. How do the people on the ground send up their petitions to be received on the floating island?

3. In one of the academy rooms, the pupils sit for six hours a day doing what?

4. When an immortal marries, it is annulled when the younger partner reaches what age?

5. The people exceed Europe in what area?

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