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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Gulliver makes it clear that he thinks the king is what?
(a) naive
(b) crazy
(c) brilliant
(d) foolhardy

2. When Gulliver tells the king about the treasury of England, what is the king's reaction?
(a) The king is confused because England is spending more than they are making.
(b) The king suggests that Gulliver go back to England and tell them to run the treasury the way the giants run theirs.
(c) The king is amazed that England is making mroe than they are spending.
(d) The king is shocked that England can balance their budget perfectly.

3. Gulliver hopes to sail where from the island?
(a) Japan
(b) America
(c) England
(d) Africa

4. The king threatens Gulliver with the loss of his life if Gulliver tells anyone else about what?
(a) British parliament houses
(b) gunpowder
(c) rifles
(d) armies

5. Gulliver is dismayed to see that even if they were alive again, many of these people would be what?
(a) sick
(b) average
(c) boring
(d) corrupt

6. The floating island can keep hovering over the lower island, blocking out the sun and what, according to Gulliver?
(a) rain
(b) stars
(c) snow
(d) moon

7. Which of the following is a house of the British parliament, according to Gulliver?
(a) House of Friends
(b) House of Equals
(c) House of Peons
(d) House of Peers

8. In one academy room, philosophers try to do what?
(a) figure out how the world was created
(b) discuss the meaning of life
(c) solve any problems about the nature of humans
(d) decide whether there is life in outer space

9. It is believed that it is hard enough to live forever without having to live how?
(a) old forever
(b) young forever
(c) with someone else forever
(d) alone forever

10. The people decided that everything could be done better with the help of what?
(a) science
(b) friends
(c) slaves
(d) animals

11. Gulliver finds that the way the island floats is by what?
(a) air jets
(b) cloud
(c) suspended by flying machines
(d) magnet

12. Why does Gulliver go back to see?
(a) He misses the sea.
(b) His brother is the captain.
(c) He is promised double his usual pay.
(d) He fights with his wife.

13. Gulliver hires a guide to help him to the island of what?
(a) AgglNugg
(b) Nagglugg
(c) Luggnagg
(d) Ugglenagg

14. Which of the following is a house of the British parliament, according to Gulliver?
(a) House of Commoners
(b) House of Commonwealth
(c) House of Commons
(d) House of Commoncause

15. Who proposes that health and politics are intimately linked?
(a) a doctor
(b) the king
(c) Gulliver
(d) the queen

Short Answer Questions

1. Gulliver leaves the governor and returns when?

2. When attacked by pirates, Gulliver talks to one of the pirates in what language?

3. What does the captain tell Gulliver has happened to the items Gulliver asks for?

4. What state is the continent in overall?

5. Gulliver is questioned by guards there and he lies and tells them that he is what, so he can get into Japan?

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