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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the port city, Gulliver is directed to go where until he can find passage to the island?
(a) Dribbledlubb
(b) Dribbdubglubb
(c) Glubbdubdribb
(d) Glubblydubble

2. Which of these does Gulliver see?
(a) Aristotle
(b) Plato
(c) Sophocles
(d) Socrates

3. Gulliver says that instead of learning about art and history these people learn about what?
(a) flying
(b) medicine
(c) agriculture
(d) sailing

4. What happens to children with the birthmark?
(a) they are raised royal
(b) they are raised as slaces
(c) they are immortal
(d) they are killed immediately

5. How do the people on the ground send up their petitions to be received on the floating island?
(a) by kite
(b) by shooting arrows
(c) by balloon
(d) by blowing bubbles

6. The floating island can keep hovering over the lower island, blocking out the sun and what, according to Gulliver?
(a) stars
(b) snow
(c) moon
(d) rain

7. Gulliver also calls up the ancestors of certain houses of nobility where?
(a) in Greece
(b) in France
(c) in Germany
(d) in England

8. Who proposes that health and politics are intimately linked?
(a) Gulliver
(b) a doctor
(c) the king
(d) the queen

9. When Gulliver tells the king about the treasury of England, what is the king's reaction?
(a) The king suggests that Gulliver go back to England and tell them to run the treasury the way the giants run theirs.
(b) The king is amazed that England is making mroe than they are spending.
(c) The king is confused because England is spending more than they are making.
(d) The king is shocked that England can balance their budget perfectly.

10. When the magnet is parallel to the horizon, the island does what?
(a) lowers
(b) stands still
(c) moves left
(d) raises

11. Gulliver finds that it is not a good life because although they never die, what happens?
(a) They are unable to see.
(b) They get old.
(c) They get bored.
(d) They are unable to work.

12. Gulliver wonders how this king had come to think of _________________ if he did not have any enemies.
(a) weapons
(b) booby traps aroung the castle
(c) royal guards
(d) an army

13. Gulliver hopes to sail where from the island?
(a) Japan
(b) America
(c) England
(d) Africa

14. The people exceed Europe in what area?
(a) astronomy
(b) creativity
(c) psychology
(d) history

15. Which of these does Gulliver see?
(a) Galileo
(b) Homer
(c) Plato
(d) Socrates

Short Answer Questions

1. When an immortal marries, it is annulled when the younger partner reaches what age?

2. What is lowered to rescue Gulliver from the ocean?

3. Whose hair does Gulliver use to design seats and purses?

4. The island cannot go over how many miles high?

5. What state is the continent in overall?

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