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Gulliver lives in Redriff, a small town in this place.


This is the first of all the strange lands and adventures Gulliver encounters and experiences. It is a civilization of people a fraction of the size of human beings.


This place is the capital metropolis of Lilliput, which Gulliver is only privileged occasionally to visit.


This is the neighboring island of Lilliput and the vouched enemy of the Lilliputians.


This is the second land to which Gulliver travels. In the complete opposite fashion to Lilliput, this place is a land of giants.


This place is the capital metropolis of Brobdingnag. The farmer takes an encased Gulliver to this place to be put on exhibition for all to see.


This place is the flying island of Gulliver's third journey. After discovering the earflaps and communication problems of the people of this place...

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