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Write about Gulliver's Home Life

Gulliver's life at home in England is not the main focus of the book, but it is mentioned a few times through the book. Based on what you know about it, write a 500-word, or longer, story about Gulliver's boyhood or his life with his wife and children, prior to his first voyage. Present your stories to your classmates.

Draw your Favorite Scene

Draw or paint your favorite scene from the book. Present your drawing to your classmates and explain why you chose that scene.

Compare and Contrast the Liliputians and the Giants

Make a chart comparing and contrasting the Lilliputians and the giants. How, besides physical size, are they different? How are they similar? Don't forget to include how they treat their own kind, as well as how they treat Gulliver.

Give Gulliver a Modern Identity.

Write a story of at least...

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