Objects & Places from Guilty Pleasures

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St. Louis

This location is in the Midwest of the United States and is the main setting of the novel.

Guilty Pleasures

This location is the world's only vampire strip club.

Circus of the Damned

This location is where many vampires keep their coffins.

Dead Dave's

This location is a favorite bar for vampires and is owned by an ex-cop turned vampire.

Riverfront District

This location is an area where the vampires live and hang out.

Mabel's Restaurant

This location is Anita's favorite place to eat.


This location is the most common site where Anita's work as an animator takes place.

Nikolaos's chamber

This location is the home to the Master vampire and where her vampires live.


This location is where Anita is held and is attacked by the wererats.


This location is where Anita had a meeting with Rafael, the King Rat.

Animators, Inc.

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