Guilty Pleasures Character Descriptions

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Anita Blake - This character is a necromancer, a mortal who possesses the ability to commune with the dead.

Jean-Claude - This character is a 205-year-old master vampire and is technically the fifth most powerful vampire in St. Louis.

Edward - This character, referred to as Death, is a bounty hunter and hired assassin.

Nikolaos - This character is a 1000-year-old vampire in the form of a pre-pubescent girl.

Willie McCoy - This character is a creep-turned-vampire.

Philip - This character is one of the strippers at Guilty Pleasures.

Catherine - This character is a lawyer who is bespelled at Guilty Pleasures.

Sergeant Rudolph Storr - This character is a sergeant on the St. Louis police force and member of the Regional Preternatural Investigation Team.

Monica Vespucci - This character is the person who lures the main character to Guilty Pleasures.

Zachary - This character is a...

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