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John Lescroart
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who goes to the hotel to meet Christina?
(a) Lydia.
(b) Samantha.
(c) Diane.
(d) Joe.

2. Why does Christina call the Rape Crisis Center?
(a) She has been raped by Mark.
(b) She wants to volunteer some time.
(c) She has gone into labor and needs Samantha.
(d) She needs advice about leaving Mark.

3. Why is Christina upset after the birth of her son?
(a) She wanted a baby girl.
(b) Her mother told Mark where she was.
(c) She had to have some medication for pain.
(d) Her parents didn't make it to the hospital in time.

4. How are Abe and his children managing after his wife's death?
(a) They are holding their own.
(b) They are really struggling.
(c) They are all in therapy.
(d) They are doing just fine.

5. What did Mark think would wipe away all of his and Christina's marital problems?
(a) When he took her to the Caribbean.
(b) When he bought her some new jewelry.
(c) When they had some counseling.
(d) When she saw him holding their son.

6. Where is Abe when Samantha pages him?
(a) The movies.
(b) Taking a shower.
(c) Driving home.
(d) Asleep in bed.

7. Who testifies for the prosecution that there was no one occupying the spot on the driving range claimed to be used by Mark on the day of the murder?
(a) Michael Ross.
(b) Edgar Morton.
(c) Paul Hines.
(d) Matt Simons.

8. What is the state of Wes and Samantha's relationship in Chapter 45?
(a) They get married.
(b) They split up for good.
(c) They break up for awhile.
(d) They move in together.

9. Who is with Christina at the hospital while she gives birth?
(a) Mark.
(b) Samantha.
(c) Diane.
(d) Joe.

10. What quality does Christina notice about Mark now?
(a) Darkness.
(b) Assuredness.
(c) Trepidation.
(d) Levity.

11. The priest in #132 tells Flaherty that ____________ killed Victor Trang.
(a) Mark.
(b) Christina.
(c) Joe.
(d) Alex.

12. What does Abe figure out about why Flaherty refused to testify for Mark?
(a) Flaherty is Mark's former brother-in-law.
(b) Flaherty is Mark's accountant.
(c) Flaherty must know something about Mark's involvement in Trang's murder.
(d) Flaherty was in a business deal with Mark.

13. What does Christina tell Abe about her relationship with Mark?
(a) She loved him the moment she set eyes on him.
(b) She has loved him for years.
(c) She had no personal involvement with him until after Sheila's death.
(d) She has no relationship with him.

14. What does Mark tell Wes that his plans are?
(a) He wants to leave the country.
(b) He wants to divorce Christina.
(c) He wants to turn himself in for the murders.
(d) He wants to set up some international offices.

15. Why does Abe go to Mark's house?
(a) To give him a chance to confess to Trang's murder.
(b) To arrest Mark.
(c) To deliver some personal effects left at the courthouse.
(d) To see if Christina is OK.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the prosecution witness who testifies that he did not find anything to directly connect Mark to Sheila's murder?

2. Who admits that he/she is not certain of Mark's innocence?

3. What does Christina realize about Mark?

4. When he takes the stand, where does Mark say he was on the day of Sheila's murder?

5. Who had planned to kill Mark in the courtroom?

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