Guilt Character Descriptions

John Lescroart
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Mark Dooher

He is a self-confident lawyer who has begun having trouble sleeping, which is a problem his wife is caused by having an empty nest where the last of their three children has left home.

Wes Farrells

He is retained by a friend as the friend's attorney when the friend begins to realize that police may be focusing on him as a suspect in a murder.

Christina Carrera

She is an up-and-coming young attorney who intrigues the man who hires her and wishes to have an affair with her.

Sheila Dooher

She is battling depression and is fearful of letting her husband know her situation because she believes he will think she has failed as a wife and as a woman.

Lydia Farrell

After her best friend's funeral, she has sex with the widower and later tells her husband about it.

Joe Avery

This is the junior...

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