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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The epilogue discusses a man by what name?
(a) Richardson.
(b) Reid.
(c) Rivera.
(d) Ricards.

2. What roots were the Church fathers lifted from?
(a) Hebrew.
(b) Persian.
(c) Greek.
(d) Aramaic.

3. What habit does America have about history, according to Pound?
(a) Arguing it.
(b) Slanting it.
(c) Rewriting it.
(d) Ignoring it.

4. In "Neo-Platonicks Etc.," Pound discusses philosophers that followed who?
(a) Hobbes.
(b) Neon Nickes.
(c) Confucious.
(d) Plato.

5. Which of the following institutions does Pound say is seen in the world today?
(a) Monarchy.
(b) Aristocracy.
(c) Anarchy.
(d) Democracy.

Short Answer Questions

1. The epilogue discusses a man from what city?

2. What does Pound believe is NOT a cold subject?

3. How does Pound describe "And Therefore Tending?"

4. What is based on ignoble elements?

5. What happens to civilization when people prefer a small amount of great things to a large amount of average things?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the two mystical states explained by Pound? How do they affect philosophers?

2. What did Mussolini say about poetry? What does Pound think of this?

3. What is the relationship between usury and the arts?

4. What does "Kung" say about Confucius?

5. What three institutions are seen in the world, according to "Recapitulate"?

6. According to "Arabia Deserta". what significance does economics have in a culture?

7. What does "Odes: Risks" explain about Confucian teaching?

8. What does Pound say about Protestant parsons in "The Study of Physiognomy"?

9. Why is "And Therefore Tending" such a long essay? What is its purpose?

10. What does Pound say about culture in "On Arriving and Not Arriving"?

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