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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Pound believe is superior to Aristotle?
(a) Eliot.
(b) Plato.
(c) Confucious.
(d) Kung.

2. Whose life does Pound believe was in line with the best modern views?
(a) Johnson.
(b) Confucious.
(c) Tennyson.
(d) Eliot.

3. "Praise Song of the Buck-Hare" presents a poem written in what year?
(a) 1920.
(b) 1866.
(c) 1792.
(d) 1861.

4. Who does not measure up to Confucius, Homer, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance or even the present, according to "Pergamena Deest?"
(a) Aristotle.
(b) William Blake.
(c) Thomas Hobbes.
(d) Dr. Johnson.

5. What is the longest essay of the book?
(a) "Pergamena Deest."
(b) "And Therefore Tending."
(c) "Study of Physiognomy."
(d) "Watch the Beaners."

Short Answer Questions

1. With what discussion does Pound open "The Recurring Decimal?"

2. What universities does Pound discuss in the first essay in Part IV, Section IX?

3. What does Pound say "suits monkeys?"

4. What author is addressed at the beginning of "Study of Physiognomy?"

5. How does Pound feel about the philosopher discussed in "To Recapitulate?"

Short Essay Questions

1. What does "Kung" say about Confucius?

2. What makes "Tone" a universal essay?

3. What is Pound's analysis of Aristotle in "Watch the Beaneries?"

4. What three institutions are seen in the world, according to "Recapitulate"?

5. In what book of "And Therefore Tending" does Pound's view of Aristotle change? How does it change?

6. What losses does the essay "Losses" refer to?

7. What are the two mystical states explained by Pound? How do they affect philosophers?

8. According to "Arabia Deserta". what significance does economics have in a culture?

9. What does "Odes: Risks" explain about Confucian teaching?

10. Why are the Victorians significant to Pound?

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