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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the author experience after finishing the book addressed in "Monumental?"
(a) Sadness.
(b) Catharsis.
(c) Joy.
(d) Anger.

2. What is the first essay in Section II?
(a) "Great Bass."
(b) "Vortex."
(c) "Ici Je Teste."
(d) "Tradition."

3. Which of the following is NOT one of the important modes of thought discussed in "Ici Je Teste?"
(a) Relation.
(b) Cogitation.
(c) Contemplation.
(d) Meditation.

4. "Great Bass: Part One" focuses on the ______ an ear can hear.
(a) Highest noises.
(b) Largest combination of frequencies.
(c) Smallest vibrations.
(d) Lowest noises.

5. How many essays are contained in Section I?
(a) Three.
(b) Seven.
(c) Nine.
(d) Five.

Short Answer Questions

1. What country's textbooks are addressed in "Textbooks?"

2. What author does Pound say is discussed enough, but not often read as a poet?

3. "Italy" argues that a vast civilization is contained within a few hundred Italian what?

4. Whose preface does Pound label as "urbane?"

5. What program of Pound's will bring ideas to everyone and all will know their positions?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Pound say about answering critics?

2. Why did the Catholic Church lose to Luther, according to Pound?

3. According to Pound, why do people write?

4. What does "Vortex" say about sculpture?

5. Give an example of aesthetic criticism in "Guide to Kulchur".

6. What does "Maxims of Prudence" say about collaborating with men?

7. What is Montessori education?

8. What is usury? How does Pound relate usury to rulers of people?

9. What does Pound say about the Catholic encyclical Quadrigesimo Anno?

10. Explain the two sorts of ideas Pound identifies in "The New Learning."

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