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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What book does the author discuss in "Monumental?"
(a) "The Waste Land."
(b) "Ulysses."
(c) "The Metamorphosis."
(d) "Cantos."

2. What was the focus of Rome, according to "Sparta 776 B.C.?"
(a) The spiritual.
(b) The social.
(c) The military.
(d) The government.

3. According to Pound, all men should be able to combine the practical and ______.
(a) The psychosomatic.
(b) The physical.
(c) The philosophical.
(d) The psychological.

4. What did the author experience after finishing the book addressed in "Monumental?"
(a) Joy.
(b) Anger.
(c) Catharsis.
(d) Sadness.

5. Whose introduction in London does Pound praise?
(a) Dr. Johnson's.
(b) George Gordon, Lord Byron's.
(c) T. S. Eliot's.
(d) Anne Sexton's.

Short Answer Questions

1. "Great Bass: Part One" focuses on the ______ an ear can hear.

2. What is compared to culture in the essay "Vortex?"

3. Why is a new angle useful in writing?

4. What essay is noted by the author to be dry, but that something worthwhile can come from reading it?

5. In "Kulchur: Part Two," the author denies that knowledge is what?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to "Arabia Deserta". what significance does economics have in a culture?

2. What does Pound say about culture in "On Arriving and Not Arriving"?

3. Where did Pound work that contributed to his view of clerics? What is his view of clerics?

4. What losses does the essay "Losses" refer to?

5. Why is "And Therefore Tending" such a long essay? What is its purpose?

6. What does Pound say about knowledge and culture in "Guide to Kulchur: Part Two"?

7. What does Pound say about philosophers in the opening of "The History of Philosophy Is ...?"

8. What does Pound say about Shakespeare's plays? About his poetry?

9. What does Pound say about old philosophy in comparison to men of his age in "Totalitarian?"

10. In what book of "And Therefore Tending" does Pound's view of Aristotle change? How does it change?

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