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Create a sculpture that reflects the geometrical orientation of your culture. Use "Vortex" as a reference.

Meaning Over Detail

"Translate" Pound's essay "Aeschylus and ..." into webspeak or SMS, attempting to pay attention to meaning over detail.

Guide to Government

Create Pound's ideal government, using the information in "Government" as a starting point.

Ode to Pound

Write an ode to Ezra Pound.

In Defense of Americans

Write a letter to Ezra Pound on behalf of Americans, defending them.

Great Bass

Write a song using the essay "Great Bass" as an inspiration.

About Pound

Write a biography of Ezra Pound that could go on a book jacket.

Guide to Kulchur Cover

Design a cover for "Guide to Kulchur" that expresses the author's message.

My Guide to Kulchur

Write your own essay to include in Pound's Guide to Kulchur that expresses your take on an aspect of today's society/culture...

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