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Essay Topic 1

Explain the Modernist movement. Explain how Pound's "Guide to Kulchur" fits into the Modernist movement.

Essay Topic 2

Explain the importance Pound places on reading and literature. How does he express his view that reading is imperative to understanding in "Guide to Kulchur"?

Essay Topic 3

Explain Pound's view on usury, using specific examples from his essays to support your claims.

Essay Topic 4

Compare and contrast Communism and Fascism. Which does Pound support? Why?

Essay Topic 5

Explain Pound's view of Aristotle. Why does he feel this way about him? Be specific.

Essay Topic 6

Explain Romanticism. How does Pound feel about Romanticism? Be specific.

Essay Topic 7

Explain the Victorian Age. How does Pound feel about Victorians? Be specific.

Essay Topic 8

Explain "And Therefore Tending." Why does Pound choose to include this in "Guide to Kulchur" when it could have stood on its own as an independent work?

Essay Topic 9

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