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Ezra Pound

This person is a widely known poet and member of the Modernist cultural and artistic movement of the early 20th century. This person is the author of the book.


This person was a Chinese intellectual and philosopher whose ideas had a dramatic influence on Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese thought. This person's philosophy focused on the morality of people and government, as well as appropriate social relationships and justice.

The Catholic Church

The author defends this institution, recognizing its decline, but excited by what is perceived as its revival.

Benito Mussolini

This person was a fascist dictator before and during World War II, and was deeply admired by the author.

The American Founders

The author strongly defends the genius of these people, and thinks they produced the greatest political document ever written.

T.S. Eliot

This famous poet, playwright, and literary critic was promoted by...

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