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Part I, Section I: Digest of the Analects, The New Learning, Sparta 776 B.C., Totalitarian, Zweck or the Aim

• Section I contains five short essays, all of which appear to concern different topics. The first essay, "Digest of the Analects" contains Ezra Pound's commentary on brief sections of Confucius' (Kung Tze) Analects.

• Pound skips around among passages and it is not clear how they string together. Pound will print a passage, reproduce the appropriate Chinese symbols, and then make comments.

• He claims that the reason he made the digest is that "rapacity is the main force in our time" and so it is difficult to print wisdom.

• In "The New Learning Part One" Pound notes that the essay is a bit dry but that something worthwhile can be gotten out of reading it. The essay rambles and Pound apologizes for this.

• His main aim seems to be to...

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