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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Guevara notes in the first Appendix that "Unconditional help should not be expected from a ______, whether friendly or simply negligent, that allows its territory to be used as a base of operations."
(a) Urban people.
(b) Worker.
(c) Government.
(d) Peasant.

2. At the early stages of the guerrilla war, training will primarily consist of what?
(a) Marksmanship.
(b) Direct learning.
(c) Academic training.
(d) Marching.

3. Guevara writes that the national revolution of Cuba was fundamentally what?
(a) Intellectual.
(b) Urban.
(c) Technological.
(d) Agrarian.

4. Guevara notes that "sabotage should be carried out, of course, only outside the territories dominated by" whom?
(a) The aiding countries.
(b) The peasants.
(c) The revolutionary army.
(d) The enemy.

5. The second type of sabotage defined by Guevara is local sabotage against what?
(a) Peasants and civilians.
(b) Determined objectives.
(c) Factory workers.
(d) Lines of combat.

Short Answer Questions

1. One of the central foci of training for guerrilla troops, according to Guevara, would consist in what?

2. What industry does Guevara state will be centered all labor connected with the equipping of the mules, such as making their shoes?

3. What does Guevara write should be jealously guarded within the guerrilla organization?

4. Aside from training in the basic skills of soldiering, the maximum amount of time should be spent on indoctrination in what?

5. Within the propaganda organization there should be periodicals aimed at whom, according to Guevara?

Short Essay Questions

1. What will the bulk of training new recruits consist of, according to Guevara? What is incorporated as the movement progresses?

2. What is propaganda? How many kinds does Guevara discuss?

3. What guidelines does Guevara instill for supply lines for the guerrilla forces?

4. How does Guevara define sabotage? How does it differ from terrorism?

5. How does training progress throughout the guerrilla movement, according to Guevara?

6. What created the greatest unrest among the old regime after Castro's rise to power? Why?

7. What changes took place after Fidel Castro's rise to power, as described in the Epilogue?

8. With how few men is it possible to begin a revolution, according to Guevara? Where are headquarters and arms located in the movement?

9. How should the revolutionary army seek to protect itself against counter-revolutionaries, according to Guevara?

10. What establishments are important to develop once extensive zones of operation are established?

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