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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Due to health reasons, Castro transferred his responsibilities to the First Vice-President in 2006, which is who?
(a) Che Guevara.
(b) Fulgencio Batista.
(c) Jacobo Arbenz.
(d) Raul Castro.

2. The key to the beginning of a successful revolutionary movement involves the use of secrecy and what at the initial stages?
(a) Planning.
(b) Propaganda.
(c) Positive thought.
(d) Sabotage.

3. One of the central foci of training for guerrilla troops, according to Guevara, would consist in what?
(a) Strategizing.
(b) Tactical maneuvering.
(c) Dodging enemy ammunition.
(d) Long marches.

4. Guevara cites a Chinese aphorism which states, "Know yourself and your adversary and you will be able to fight a hundred battles without a single _____."
(a) Victory.
(b) Disaster.
(c) Fatality.
(d) Failure.

5. What consists of seating the rifle firmly on any kind of wooden apparatus and without moving or firing the rifle the recruits direct the movement of a target until they think they have a hole at the center exactly in the line of sight?
(a) Pseudo-shooting.
(b) Dry shooting.
(c) Donut holing.
(d) Rapid repeat.

Short Answer Questions

1. Once in control, Fidel and his government reformed rent laws and the ownership of what services?

2. Chapter 3: Organization of the Guerrilla Front begins with a discussion of the creation and maintenance of a good ___________ system.

3. Sabotage on a national scale should be aimed principally at destroying what?

4. Guevara states that women are also instrumental in organizing what to help the revolution?

5. Who did Che Guevara write and thank for the Bay of Pigs invasion?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the aim of the bulk of reform under Castro's regime?

2. What industries are important in addition to the two essential ones Guevara discusses? Why?

3. What created the greatest unrest among the old regime after Castro's rise to power? Why?

4. What is key in beginning a successful revolution, according to Guevara in the appendices?

5. How is strategic sabotage used in the war zone? How is tactical sabotage implemented?

6. How does dedication protect the revolution, according to Guevara?

7. What are the needs for medical personnel in the war zone? How does this expand with the movement?

8. What state-run organizations did Castro install in Cuba? How were old laws regarded?

9. With how few men is it possible to begin a revolution, according to Guevara? Where are headquarters and arms located in the movement?

10. What guidelines does Guevara instill for supply lines for the guerrilla forces?

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