Guerrilla Warfare Character Descriptions

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Che Guevara

This person was an Argentine medical student who, after traveling through Latin America and seeing the poverty and oppression everywhere around him, became a Communist revolutionary.

Fidel Castro

This is the leader of Communist Cuba who led the successful Communist revolution that overthrew the Batista regime.

Batista Fulgencio

This president and military leader of Cuba on and off from 1933-1959 had a regime closely allied with the United States.

The Guerilla

This refers to the revolutionary fighter who lives in camps and fights the revolutionary war against the old regime.

The Suburban Guerilla

This refers to a revolutionary fighter who lives in or near the city and must therefore operate in complete secrecy.

The Peasants

These inhabitants of the countryside must be won over to the revolutionary cause before there can be any hope of victory for the revolutionary forces.

The Vanguard

This term can either...

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