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Chapter 1 General Principles of Guerrilla Warfare (1. Essence of Guerilla Warfare, 2. Guerilla Strategy, 3. Guerilla Tactics)

• Che Guevara begins Guerrilla Warfare by claiming that the principles that he will describe in the book are the same principles that allowed the Cuban revolutionaries that he led defeat the Batista regime in Cuba.

• Che gives three lessons of Guerrilla warfare: 1) partisans supported by the people can defeat the regular army 2) Guerrilla warfare can create the conditions of the revolution and 3) In Latin American, the revolution should occur in the countryside.
• Che believes that the once the civil government has lost its legitimacy, a guerrilla force can take the subjective conditions of the revolution and make them objective.

• The guerrilla fighter is a kind or reformer who directly fights the agents of unjust institutions but the guerrilla must always be on the side of the people.

• To maintain the support of the people...

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