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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Page 250-300.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What card game does Nobby play with the Librarian?
(a) Beggar Mr Onion.
(b) Beggar My Neighbour.
(c) Cripple Mr Onion.
(d) Poker.

2. Where do the members of the Watch start hunting for the scent of the dragon?
(a) Lady Sybil's house.
(b) The Library in the Unseen University.
(c) The wall in the Shades with the burnt-on shadows.
(d) The Patrician's Palace.

3. What protest slogan does Colon invent to rally the common people?
(a) The people united can never be divided.
(b) The people ignited can never be divided.
(c) The people excited can never be ignited.
(d) The people united can never be ignited.

4. Where did Brother Dunnykin encounter a maddened crocodile?
(a) Under his bed.
(b) In a fruit stall.
(c) In a flower bed.
(d) Behind his front door.

5. What is distinctive about the way the Librarian speaks?
(a) He mixes Latin with colloquial English.
(b) He always speaks in block capitals.
(c) He drops his H's.
(d) He can only say "ook".

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the Elucidated Brethren is supposed to be responsible for enhancing the Cuffs of Veracity?

2. What item of Colon's dinner impresses Nobby and Carrot?

3. How long, according to the general knowledge cited by Vimes, have dragons been extinct?

4. Does Vimes cover up the footprints found in the alley?

5. What ailment was supposedly cured by the former kings of Ankh?

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