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This is a large city in the Discworld. It is controlled by the Patrician and has been long without a king or rightful ruler.

The Shades

This is a place that nobody visits out of fear of being murdered. Even criminals avoid it.

The Palace

This is the residence of the Patrician, and contains dungeons and secret passages.

Unseen University

This is the seat of higher learning for wizards and contains a library of magical books.

The Summoning Of Dragons

This object is stolen by the Elucidated Brethren and used to summon the dragon.


This object was given by Lady Sybil to Captain Vimes and becomes the pet of the Night Watch. It is later crucial in saving the city from the dragon.

The Law and Ordanances Of The City Of Ankh-Morpork

This object was given to Carrot before he joined the Night Watch, and he...

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