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Lesson 1 (from Page 1-50)


• To understand the clichés and conventions of the fantasy genre so as to understand some of the background and the humor of this text, and to make some predictions about the plot and characters.

• To practice formal descriptive writing.


1 The teacher should introduce the book as a fantasy novel about dragons (the term "genre" should be introduced and explained).

2 Split the class into small groups of about five for a brainstorm exercise, collecting elements that are likely to appear in a fantasy novel. These elements should include common characters, plot elements, typical language used, places, etc. The groups should report back to the class as a whole and compile a "master list" of elements of the fantasy genre. This discussion can be broadened to include other texts that draw on the fantasy genre, e.g. movies and computer games.

3 The teacher should read out...

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