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Anna Perera
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who in Khalid’s family does he learn has died on the plane ride in Chapter 26?
(a) Khalid’s mother.
(b) Uncle Amir.
(c) Khalid’s brother.
(d) Khalid’s sister.

2. Tariq tells Khalid in Chapter 23 that he told the people who imprisoned him that weapons of mass destruction were hidden where?
(a) In his cousin’s basement.
(b) In his uncle’s vineyard.
(c) In his father’s attic.
(d) In his teacher’s cowshed.

3. Who is waiting at Khalid’s home when he returns after looking for Nico in Chapter 28?
(a) Mr. Stewart.
(b) Mr. Peterson.
(c) Mr. Tagg.
(d) Mr. Hanwood.

4. What is the name of the “pretty woman in her early twenties with a reddish ponytail, nice smile and perfect teeth” that appears before Khalid in Chapter 22?
(a) Angela.
(b) Sharon.
(c) Niamh.
(d) Lee-Andy.

5. What is the title of Chapter 25?
(a) “Masud.”
(b) “Lights.”
(c) “Echoes.”
(d) “Water Tricks.”

6. Where does Khalid learn the plane will be landing in Chapter 27?
(a) RAF Exeter.
(b) RAF Northolt.
(c) RAF Manchester.
(d) RAF London.

7. When is Khalid’s birthday?
(a) July 7.
(b) June 12.
(c) September 16.
(d) March 11.

8. The military doctor that comes to examine Khalid in Chapter 23 is said to be no more than how old?
(a) 35.
(b) 30.
(c) 25.
(d) 20.

9. What is the name of the man who says his job is “to help [Khalid] settle back into normal life as soon as possible” in Chapter 27?
(a) Professor Jameson.
(b) Professor Wolfson.
(c) Professor Joyce.
(d) Professor Packman.

10. Harry drives Khalid to his home in Chapter 28 in what vehicle?
(a) A Honda.
(b) A Fiat.
(c) A Volvo.
(d) A Chrysler.

11. What breakfast is brought to Khalid on the plane in the beginning of Chapter 27?
(a) Rice, potatoes, and tuna fish.
(b) A piece of cake, a donut, and a cup of tea.
(c) A pancake, coffee, and a Danish.
(d) A bread roll, an omelet, and baked beans.

12. In the beginning of Chapter 22, the narrator notes that Khalid has been keeping track of days how for the last three days?
(a) By counting each hour.
(b) By scratching a mark on the wall by his bed.
(c) By rubbing a scar into his arm.
(d) By writing a mark on the notepad he’s been given.

13. What does Khalid watch crawling on the non-working air conditioner from his cell in Chapter 17?
(a) A spider.
(b) A rat.
(c) A scorpion.
(d) A fly.

14. Where did Khalid first meet Niamh last year, according to the narrator in Chapter 18?
(a) The science lab.
(b) The museum.
(c) The library.
(d) The cafeteria.

15. In Chapter 23, Tariq fills Khalid in on the events since they’ve been imprisoned. How many people does he say in March of 2003 marched in London against Tony Blair’s decision to go to war in Iraq?
(a) Over 50,000.
(b) Over 3 million.
(c) 2 million.
(d) Over 1 million.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the date that one of the guards finally calls out when Khalid keeps asking for the date in the beginning of Chapter 22?

2. Where has Khalid begun biting himself in Chapter 17?

3. Ramadan is what month of the Islamic calendar?

4. Where does the fellow recently released detainee tell Khalid he is from as they are taken from the plane to a van in Chapter 27?

5. What sound awakens Khalid in the opening of Chapter 22?

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