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Anna Perera
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Khalid’s father says that it has been how long since 9/11 “and the world is getting madder by the day” in Chapter 1?
(a) 6 months.
(b) 1 year.
(c) 2 years.
(d) 2 months.

2. What illness does the fellow prisoner say he’d contracted at the time that he was arrested at the border in Chapter 8?
(a) Pneumonia.
(b) Typhoid.
(c) Lupus.
(d) Syphilis.

3. How many children is Masud said to have back home in Chapter 9?
(a) 2.
(b) 6.
(c) 3.
(d) 4.

4. What is the title of Chapter 7?
(a) “Karachi.”
(b) “Bread.”
(c) “Blood’s Thicker than Water.”
(d) “Easter.”

5. Where in England does Khalid’s family live in the beginning of the novel?
(a) Birmingham.
(b) Rochdale.
(c) Bradford.
(d) Manchester.

6. What does Khalid do as the armed guard goes to take his breakfast from him in the beginning of Chapter 7?
(a) He makes a telephone call to his mother.
(b) He kicks the door open and flees.
(c) He runs and leaps from the window.
(d) He attempts to strangle the guard.

7. What is the name of the Irish girl at school that Khalid is said to fancy early in the novel?
(a) Aadab
(b) Sarah.
(c) Niamh.
(d) Gul.

8. With whom does Khalid recall skipping school to go to Renzo’s house to smoke cigarettes and drink his dad’s gin in Chapter 14?
(a) Tariq.
(b) Nico.
(c) Tony Banda.
(d) Mikael.

9. What classmate of Khalid’s, who lives over the music shop, does he recall having said of the torture during the Spanish Inquisition in Chapter 15, ““It’s a stupid way of finding anything out. Whenever my brother twists my arm up my back, it hurts so bad I say anything he wants me to just to get him to stop. So what’s the point in torturing someone if all you get is lies?”
(a) Jacinda Parker.
(b) Niamh.
(c) Angela.
(d) Nico.

10. How does Khalid say his name is actually pronounced when he is interrogated by the woman with the American accent in Chapter 6?
(a) “Kha-leed.”
(b) “Haleed.”
(c) “Kay-lid.”
(d) “Cha-leed.”

11. What is the title of Chapter 10?
(a) “Masud.”
(b) “To Kandahar.”
(c) “Karachi.”
(d) “Processing.”

12. What word from Chapter 1 refers to a traditional dress of South and Central Asia, especially of Afghanistan and Pakistan, where it is worn by both men and women?
(a) Eid al-Fitr.
(b) Tänd ett ljus.
(c) Shalwar kameez.
(d) Zakat.

13. The woman with the American accent that questions Khalid in Chapter 6 asks him why he was traveling where last week?
(a) In Pakistan.
(b) In Morocco.
(c) In England.
(d) In Afghanistan.

14. What is the title of Chapter 2?
(a) “Masud.”
(b) “Missing.”
(c) “Easter.”
(d) “Blood’s Thicker than Water.”

15. What are the names of Khalid’s aunts whom his family visits in Chapter 3?
(a) Masua, Abdula, and Gul.
(b) Fatima, Rehana, and Roshan.
(c) Aadab, Roshana, and Gul.
(d) Abdula, Roshana, and Fatima.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the “scruffy handcuffed man sitting cross-legged on the bare concrete floor” in the room that the guards take Khalid to in Chapter 8?

2. What is the title of Chapter 3?

3. What is the title of Chapter 11 in the novel?

4. How many pages does Khalid’s torturer have him sign as a confession in Chapter 14?

5. What is the name of the video game that Tariq has developed in Chapter 3?

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