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Anna Perera
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 11-15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The CIA agents that interrogate Khalid during processing in Chapter 10 say that he communicated by code with other terrorists how?
(a) Via postal mail.
(b) Via telephone.
(c) Via radio waves.
(d) Via computer.

2. The man who introduces himself as James when Khalid is being interrogated says he’s from what organization in Chapter 6?
(a) CIA.
(b) NSA.
(c) Homeland Security.
(d) MI5.

3. Where is Guantanamo Bay detention center located?
(a) Paraguay.
(b) Cuba.
(c) Belize.
(d) Florida.

4. What is the name of Khalid’s science teacher whom he got in trouble with in Chapter 1?
(a) Mr. Ross.
(b) Mr. Tagg.
(c) Mr. Hanwood.
(d) Mr. Smith.

5. The fellow prisoner that Khalid meets in Chapter 8 tells him that he was apprehended at the border to what country?
(a) Afghanistan.
(b) Morocco.
(c) Egypt.
(d) Israel.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many seconds does the torturer say that Khalid endured the torture in Chapter 14?

2. What is Khalid’s friend Holgy’s real name said to be in Chapter 10?

3. The fellow prisoner that Khalid meets in Chapter 8 says that he is being blamed for doing what?

4. What is the address of Khalid’s home where he arrives after school in Chapter 1?

5. Khalid’s father is said to have taught Khalid how to do the dishes after tea at what age?

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